FIBA Coaching Course Diaries

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Coaching Diaries
Day 7
This was supposed to be the final and fun day of the course. Participants had been grouped into four teams to play a mini tourney to mark the end of the course.

Even before the arrival of most participants, the younger guys had already started to take it out on each other in a 3 on 3 game on the unoccupied side of the court.

Class started on schedule and as planned, the first thing done was a review of the last groups performance with the kids. They got some good comments proving that they had learnt from all the other groups that had come before them.
Class then went on. Mr.Keita took the class through the FIBA mini basketball rules. This took about forty minutes. The instructor emphasized very much on the fact that mini basketball referees, should be more like teachers/parents on the court. They should also smile and keep the kids in an excited mood to still want to play the game.

Now to the real deal. Four teams, all play all. The games were exciting but still came with all the mouth work that goes with playground basketball. Most f the older guys proved that they still got game, getting some ooh-moments in the games. But then at the end of the day the winner didn't matter as the main aim for the day was to have fun.

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