FIBA Coaching Course Diaries

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Coaching course diaries
Day 2

I need to really say sorry for posting a day 2 diary on the morning of day 3; two days later. But fact is my PC just gave me some tough time for the past two days, rendering me quite unproductive for the weekend.

Now to what happened on Saturday.

The day started with a prayer again, this time with sixteen of the participants present. Mr Keita Kabassan started the first session of the day's class by indulging participants in somewhat of a basketball conversation, something he said he did just to test the level of the participants understanding of the game.
The Guinean instructor gave participants two 5-minute tests, the first one to write down the advantages of zone defense and the second the disadvantages. He then got the class to discuss the various points participants had written down.

Almost to the end of the session, Mr. Addo-Ashong, president of the GBBA showed up. He spent some time with the class and had a little chat with Mr. Kabassan then took leave of the class just at the beginning of the second session.

Full lessons then started in the second session after a 30-minute break. The topics covered were on Saturday included:
  • Rights of young players
  • Health enhancement through the practice of basketball
  • Development of personal and social values
  • Developments of psychological resources
  • Positive experiences
  • Athletic development
  • Coaches' working style

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