Thome Cabalan Dailies

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Day 3

Game 1 Reformers vs Warriors (Group A)
What an ending to a game?!! All present thought Warriors had won hands down due to the lead they maintained all game. But the hero of the day was Reformers' Aryee Nii Ayi who nailed the three with time almost expired to give his team their much need win.
Warriors won the first quarter 20 - 17 even after starting the game with two non-starters due to the late arrival of Paul Eta and Farat. Reformers looked somewhat disorganised early in the game and it was clear they were really missing the services of their veteran point guard, Agbesi who's been treating an ankle sprain he obtained in the regular season. It was a quiet first quarter.
The second q was more exciting, with Varanda blocking a shot on the D and running to the O for a put back dunk. The game got very physical and a lot of nasty play occurred causing the head of the referees association to pause the game with 5:38 to be played in the Q to talk to players on both teams to relax the game. Warriors' young John who started due to the late arrival of Farat was very impressive. The amount of composure he exhibited was unbelievable considering the fact that he still plays in the J-league. Warriors held on to their for about 9 minutes of the 4th but with about 55 seconds left Aryee knocked down the trey and the rest is history.... Reformers won 72 -69.

Game 2 Magic vs Reformers (W/Group A)

In a very close match where youth and more youth travailed over vets and experience, the Magic ladies got their second win over Reformers this year after beating them during the regular season. Final score, Magic 39 , Reformers 34.

Game 3 Hoops vs Holy Family (Group A)

First thing to happen after tip off: Regggie blocks Holy Family big man who went in to lay the ball after a pass from their PG, Djimatey. The game was promising to be a good one as fans got involved early. But Holy family didn't really bring it on and yet Hoops put up their usual stellar performance. Meme Falconer, who was 3 of 9 from behind the arc, led the Hoops to early lead resulting in a 23 - 14 first Q in their favor.Kweku Falconer led the Hoops to their first win of the tourney.
Second Quarter , enter Sky Walker, who drops three straight 3's on the Holy Family defense who thought he would go for his usual aggressive drive through the lane. After a comfortable lead, Hoops then sat most of their starters but Holy Family continued their pursuit with a mini rally in the 4th led by Djimatey and Pianim who really showed what he's made for after being under the radar for a while. But it was too late to redeem their image, Hoops handed them their second lose of the tournament...52 - 42.

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  1. WHAT! sky walker shooting three's.did he lose his driving licenses ......

  2. it was the surprise of the day....

  3. Sky now a sniper. This shows how we bring out the baller in you!

  4. Djimate is the best player in the league and its about time you give him some credit. He always carries his team on any given day. so please give him some credit. many thanks

  5. magic ladies have a dream watch out for more actions luv u all magic ladies,t_fizzle


  7. djimatey carries his team and also makes them fall as well.he is good but deosnt at time uses is mind,we have being in the system for long,if you game is not ON then let the others also flow,for me i really enjoyed the hoops guys,i heard skywalker was a killer driver to the rim but suprised them with tripple three's,thus what a good players is,you should be a threat to your opponants.i hope the coach will learn how to use him well to the team advantage.and to not this hoops coach tell your player OSOFO he fakes to match and he should shoot the ball.he sometime play like a lady,even ladies shoot the balls.good game and will be there tomoro to witness the tema youth match.thumps up and good luck

  8. Bawa, its well noted. Thanks...see you tomorrow hopefully

  9. sorry Bawa what do you mean by "Djimate is good but doesn't uses is mind" are you trying to say he can not read the game or he doesn't involve his team mates? if you are on a team and you make a play for your team mates who cannot make a simple basket will keep give them the ball so they can jack it up every time? please answer me. thanks

  10. its better to make a play and dash it out to your player weather he makes it or not you r job as the teams point gurad is sometimes blow so many 3 points shoots which could be convected into two points and even get a foul basket.i really enjoyed you game to hold your team so let them aslo be in the spot light.

  11. BAWA-FORMER PLAYERAugust 14, 2010 at 7:12 PM

    the coach of HOOPS,i think you lost the game on the bench and technical wise.your substitutions was also could see that at the fourth quarter your guy skywalker was the only person who was playing defense and with his defense he had so many free throws i bet he had the top score.some of your players dont like playing D,your jumper also is becoming weaker and weaker as the tournament are a faviorate teamso you should see how to formalize your team.and also your point gurads keep hold of the ball for to look which makes your opponants to guard your shooters,osofo skywalker and the jumper.your have a strong team please use them to the teams advantage and try to motivate them that will lead them to play from thier heart cuz we all observed,osofo,and yea skywalker were killing themsleves for the so sorry i wouldnt be there tomoro to witness your game.i have to go for church service but i know i will hear everything that goes on there.GOOD luck and play your hearts out.