The Mon Amis

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Forgive me, my French fails me more times than I’d like to admit. However, there is one phrase I and probably every basketball player in the country can say that would fool any French speaking native. You guessed right; mon ami

On the court, you’ve got to communicate as my coach always says; be loud! Be loud! So obviously, you have to know names because "chale", "herh" and "boss" might not work if a guy foreign to your culture sees nothing but the rim on the drive. The solution? Inculcate a bit of foreign tongue into your regular pick-up session and voila, you establish a connection. With this simple rule in mind, it is safe to say every Francophone baller in the country (okay, maybe Accra) is referred to as Mon Ami at some point in time. I wonder how they feel about it though, being profiled, sort of. Ever wondered what we’d be referred to as if we were in their country?

Anyway, these guys ball hands down. They are rough and tough and don’t call petty fouls and by petty I mean a vicious elbow to the jaw. Stuff that you don't just walk off; they play through. Their dynamism and attitude towards the game is really refreshing. I can’t help but feel their culture of the game is on a whole different level and it is witnessed just by watching them play. They are like the tough pieces of meat you occasionally get in your food; you know, the type that exasperates you so bad you just lay it down and ask the heavens why.

In short, you've got to show some love and respect to the Mon Amis. Far from home usually in search of higher education or a better livelihood, balling in a foreign land. Without a doubt holding their own and earning our respect in the process.

Written by David Maja Salako (@Linkingwordz)

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  1. Nice. I'm sure people who play at the legon court will relate to this post. I think it will be nice to do an extensive piece that will have quotes from these french guys and how they feel about how they are profiled on the court. Anyway it's a nice piece!

    1. It's like you're reading our minds. Watch for a longer piece in the near future.

  2. Neldjé DingambayeApril 27, 2016 at 9:55 AM

    Hi! I just stumbled on the article on facebook and really enjoyed it. I have great memories of balling sessions in Accra and I definitely relate to this post, whether in Accra or here in South Africa where I am currently.
    Nicely written piece, enjoyable and funny to read through :)

    A brother from Chad

    1. Neldjé, glad you enjoyed the read. Next time you're in Accra make sure to give us a mention on Facebook. Let's play ball. All the best, bro.