Care Must Be Taken

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You may or may not have watched Tyler Perry's 'Meet the Browns'. There's a lot to the movie, but I'll like to focus on Brenda. Brenda was a mum in Chicago with a son and two daughters. She loses her job and had a very unsupportive ex-husband who cared less about the kids' upbringing. Her only son(Michael), her eldest child has a best friend who has taken to to drug dealership to survive in their tough black neighborhood. She didn't approve of this friend and advised her son to stay off him. This son plays basketball too and is good at it, with possibilities of making it pro if he works a bit more on his game. Later on after one of Michael's games they're approached by Harry, a basketball recruiter who invites Micheal to try out for professional basketball, but Brenda being protective tells him that school comes first and he needs to pay more attention to that.

Brenda gets news of her dead dad in Atlanta and takes her kids along to the funeral. Brenda has a tough time fitting in with the Brown family and one day finds Michael and Harry outside shooting hoops and chatting outside the family house. Brenda finds out she was born as a result of her father pimping around  while he was in Chicago. She's also informed he left her a shady, ruined house. Unwilling to accept it, she moves back to Chicago with her family. Upon returning to Chicago, Brenda continues to look for a job while she and Harry started dating. 

Brenda's ex-hubby shows up with offer of giving her money  if she gives him sex. Michael walks in on them and hears a lot of secrets while they argued. He lives and goes to hang with his drug dealer friend and also started selling drugs. Michael ends up shot in the back and collapsed onto the sidewalk in a fight between drug gangs. Brenda hears the news while she and Harry are out on a date, and she goes to visit Michael in the hospital. Michael's doctor tells Brenda that he will be fine and he was lucky because the bullet passed his internal organs.

After Michael's recovery, Harry helps him to improve his basketball skills. After they leave their past behind them, Harry takes them back to Georgia. Later that same day, Brenda eavesdrops on one of her sisters telling the other in the kitchen that Michael is a "goldmine" to Harry so he can pay off his gambling debts. Brenda and Harry later argue and break up, but another basketball recruiter tells her that Harry's debts are paid. She realizes she lost a good man. After a basketball press conference, Michael and Brenda drive to the basketball gym where Harry is practicing so she can apologize to him. Harry reveals the main reason why he helped out her and Michael all this time was because he loved her. Brenda confesses that she loves him too but she is afraid to accept him because he was too perfect for her. Harry asks her to let him be that perfect man for her. The film ends with the two getting married with the Browns at their wedding.

What's the moral of this story?
We shouldn't be buried in hurt and blinded by our pain to the point that we think everybody around us or anything that happens around us is just to cause us more pain or bring more sorrow to us.

How can we apply it to Ghana Basketball?
So many things have gone wrong in the past. So many wrong things are still going on and the future seems somewhat bleak(depending on how you look at it). But we need to be careful; very careful! So as not to only keep on criticizing everything the national association or any other association tries to do. Let's keep balanced views on issues, be real and support growth in our own small ways. We never know when something really good will come our way, if care is not taken we'll be blinded and not even realize the time when something good begins to happen. We must be careful; a lot of care must be taken!!!

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