FIBA Coaching Course Diaries

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Coaching Course Diaries
Day 6

Number of participants have increased up to about 24 by now. Class started on schedule with Coach Lawal taking the class through a lecture on defense. In his introduction he mentioned several importance of defense and at a point made reference to George Raveling's book, "War On The Boards" to back his argument on the importance of rebounding. This lasted for about 40 minutes. Mr. Keita occasionally chipped in some vital points along the way. Both instructors emphasized a lot on the importance of defense in the game and also for coaches to try to instill defense into kids at a young age.

"If you don't have good foot work you can't defend well" , Coach Lawal stated during his presentation. He went further to talk about various positions players should take when face with 2 on 1, 2 on 2 and 3 on 3 situations and also mentioned that kids should be thought good man defense since zone defense is not allowed in mini basketball. Mr. Keita then emphasized on not overloading kids by teaching them sagging defense, switching and rotation as it will rather cause more confusion on the court.

The class then went on a 20 minute break.

Class resumed and then Mr. Keita spent some time to teach the class about defensive transition. He spent the entire time on the court showing the various positions defensive players need to take went confronted by different kinds of offenses. The class went through 2 on 1 and 3 on 2. He also talked about how to retreat back quickly to defense after scoring to reduce fast break points, something he has realized most African countries don't do well at.

The kids from the Galaxy Basketball Academy then arrived for the day's practical session. Two groups took turns to take them through their training programs. The first was a group headed by Rubberman and included Salamatu Alhassan, a member of the national women's team coaching staff. The class regrouped as usual and comments and contributions were made on the group's performance. The next group, which was the last group also took time with the kids. This was a group which featured Winifred Tetteh as head coach. The class was adjourned after their session since was already past 6pm and class had to be closed. The discussion on their performance will be held on day 7.

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