Thome Cabalan Memorial Tourney Here At Last

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The 2012 edition of the Thome Cabalan tournament finally started yesterday at Lebanon House, Tudu - Accra after much postponement and even talks of it not eventually coming on. The tournament which is supposed to be an annual affair in remembrance of the man who willingly gave out the Lebanon House facility to be used to promote the sport of basketball has suffered much interruptions over  they years. The reason given by heads of the Greater Accra Basketball Association often is the lack of funds to put the even together. 

Nonetheless, this tournament has always been worth watching and often remains a subject of much discussion among Accra basketball folk. The last time it was held i.e in August 2010, Tema Youth did the do by doing the GABL's undo-able; beat the Braves.  But then over the year and a half, Tema Youth has seen their own share of problems both on and off the court, and after losing to Magic during the 2012 GABL, a lot questions hang as to how well organized they remain as a team.

Unless there's a team out there with much more talent and dedicated guys, one might hate to this, but the Braves are going to have a cruise to the trophy. Not forgetting how much ridicule they suffered after the 2010 finals loss to TY.

To what happened on day one, short-roster-ed Police team beat a Djimate-and-Pappoe-less Holy Family in the opening game 70-55 and then there was the shock. A six man Panthers team beat a full house Fire team plus two coaches 81-38 to close the day. 

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