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Finals Day

Notes I took while watching the game.

....and Tema Youth did it!!!

First Quarter
-A very silent lebanon House just before tip off, even though filled with fans especially ones I have not seen in a while.
- I noticed CEPS' centre R. Darko(Oshiew) will not be playing as a result of an injury acquired from the semi final match against Hoops.
-Third tip off accepted after voilations were called by the officials for first two.-Ty makes first field goal. Very quiet game though.
7:49 - Enoch Barsah knocks down a surprise three.
7:24 - Nii Kwartey quickly replies with another three on a qucik transition by the C's.
- Brimah doing most of the ball handling for CEPS i.e to give chance for shooters to rotate.
6:19 - Mc Martey's first block for the day as he blocks Dodzie on the drive.
6:08 Time out for TY - came out of the tie out, nice rotation and good ball movement resulted to a basket. 6 -8 for TY
5:28 - CEPS time out.
- Noticed Dodzie kept to the lane for drives, easy lay ups and drops after failing to send home his first four 3 point attempts.
- 8 - 8 tie, Brimah fouled and made one of the freethrows.
- Enoch with 3 fouls and still on the floor, TY gamble . After an unsportmanlike foul on Kwame.
- Freethrows, Dodzie knocks down both. 10 - 8 for CEPS.
4:25 - Eben Borsah in for Amare.
1:31 - Dodzie makes first three pointer on fifth attempt.
1:17 CEPS run show for a while, 20 - 13 for CEPS.
Time out for TY.
CEPS really missing R.Darko's who's been having a wonderful tourney's presence in the paint, Amuzu not working hard enough.
Noticed both teams were realy communicating well on the court.
0:09 - Saddiq in for Amuzu. CEPS sub.
CEPS win first quarter 24 - 15.

Second Quarter
9:28 - Game restarts with Enoch's put back on CEPS' defense.
- Amare back for Eben, Eben wasn't really getting a headway as he missed first two trey attempts.
- Tema Youth switch to 1 on 1 defense, quite tight.
6:58 - Game remains sought of silent, CEPS running show but not easily.
- Amadu comes in for Nii Kwartey.
6:53 - Bongo fo Agbee.
6:11 - Amuzu for Kwame.
- Selasie for Mc Martey.
- Enoch really playing good all round game for TY , jsu went on a nice drive to the hoop from the right but finished with left. Enoch told me before the game they were going to prove they are not over rated as some fans and teams percieve.
- more subs, Kwame for Brimah, R. Borsah for Dodzie, who was really suffering from behind the arc.
4:33 - Agbee back, as CEPS stay with tight zone defense to prevent TY from getting into the paint for frequent high percentage shots.
3:48 - Musatpha for Selasie.
2:25 Tema Yoth still stay with 1 on 1 defense(full court), CEPS gets the inbound to Amadu with Agbee on him, Agbee stays with him till just after half court, steals the ball but help from Saddiq came too late and he fouled Agbee. Freethrows. He makes both.
- Dodzie back for Saddiq.
2:30 - R. Borsah hits an open three but was quickly replied by his brother Enoch(his second made of 3 attempts for the day).
2:18 - Eben Back for Amare.
2:10 - Spectacular maturd play by Dodzie, pump fakes Eben who buys the fake and goes up for the nothing but net trey.
1:56 - Dodzie on floor as he took a knock from Eben, TY 1 on 1 still on.
- Dodzie out for Kwartey.
0:23 - R. Borsah failing to make several easy buckets missed another easy one after an inbound from Kwame.
0:01 - Mc Martey makes the shot on the buzzer. TY sill with high morale... Agbee(no.4) and Enoch congratulate themselves after a play with time almost running out

Third Quarter
-CEPS ball.
- Refs paused game to talk to players, too much holding and dragging before the ball got checked.
9:37 - Agbee turnover, R. Borsah steals ball, goes for the break and misses again.
-Mc Martey fouled while going for an offensive rebound, goes to the line, throws an air ball first and thenmakes the second.
8:42 - After 21mins 17 secs of play, Eben knocks down his first trey.
8:08 - Hits second, back to back.
7:17 - TY wins possession aftera little scramble for the ball that sends Kwame down.
6:32 - It's raining threes as Eben hits third straight.
- Lebanon House fans showing massive love for Eben and TY now.
6:19 - CEPS call time probably to slow TY run and tighten D on Eben.
- CEPS goes mobile on the defense with a athletic line up. Borsah, Brimah, Dodzie, Kwame and Kwartey.
5:52 - Eben hits 4th three.
- Kwartey down, game paused,subbed by Saddiq.
- Eben's 3 tied game at 48.
- TY spirit renewed.
- 53 - 48 after a freethrow and later a Cyril 2 point field goal.
4:33 - Enoch goes for another drive to the hoop, nice left handed finsh.
3:58 - McMartey blocks R.Borsah on a three point attempt, Borsah recovers quickly, catches up with Agbee on the break and fouls him hard; trying to clean up his mess.
3:41 - Big bro fouled small bro as R.Borsah foul Enoch on a 2 point attempt around the stripe.
3:21- Enoch drawing more fouls as he kept to the lane.
3:02 - Dodzie working seriously on the D to stop Eben's streak.
2:56 - Enoch calls out "2" to Cyril who had the ball on the left side of the three point line, they run a pick-n-roll, Enoch rolls towards the hoop for the easy 2 but ran into Kwame who sent him down with the all ball block.
- Strong rebound by McMartey as TY still had possession.
2:10 - Cyril outjunmps the CEPS defense for the easy tip in.
2:02 - Enoch gets 4th foul after gettting 3 in the first quater and none in the second.
- Very active rubberman who was standing all game.
- Enoch out for the first time(after playing 27:02), Amare comes in.
-TY time out.
- 62 - 54, CEPS lead again.
1:12 - Amuzu misses an easy lay up, Kwame goes for the put back but got fouled. Misses both freethrows(first one was an air ball).
0:26 - Dodzie still working hard on Eben, followig him though all the screens being set for him.
0:14 - Dodzie forces a three with time expiring and missed.
0:02 - Surprise! Brimah attempts a trey, draws the foul and goes to the line Made 2out of 3.
62 - 58 tema Youth lead.

Fourth Quarter
-Noticable increase in number of fans around the court.
-TY ball.
9:29 - Cyril forces an off balance scooped ball to Agbee who sends home the trey as CEPS keep attention on Eben.
8:48 - TY playing the same rotation, getting Dodzie and his team to still pay attention to Eben's threes. Then Cyril took over the scoring with an 8 point run before the CEPS defense adapted again.
- TY still on 1 on 1 defense,Eben also working well on Dodzie forcing him into many bad shot choices.
8:06 - Eben fouls Dodzie on a trey attempt, makes all 3 freethrws.
7:51 - Very noticeable good structured offense of TY. lots of good screens for Eben to get the open look and yet keeping the ball inside for 2's.
7:31 - CEPS call for time out after a missed 3 pointer attempt by Kwame.
- TY running show now with majority Lebanon house behind them. 73 - 65- TY lead.
7:15 - Dodzie drives and drops to Kwame who missed the point blank shot, Brimah comes for the tip in and gets fouled. makes only the first, misses second.
7:02 - CEPS double teaming Eben a couple of times.
- Agbee down after taking a knock on hs tummy from Dodzie after trying to set a pick for teammate.
- The tension here is increasing, almost becoming tangible....
5:51 - Saddiq gets a pass in the paint, pump fakes Mark who buys it, goes up again only to be met by Cyril's block.
5:22 - Agbee out again with 3 fouls after fouling Dodzie who knocks down both, Bongo in.
5:09 - R.Borsah fouls Enoch on a transition run , protests emotionally to the ref about the call.
4:50 - More aggression in the game,
4:28 - CEPS time out.
- 75 -69 for TY.
- Mtch turning into a match of tactical abilities rather than the everyday "survival of the fittest games".
- Kwame drives, and one!
4:08 - McMartey flies out of the building to grab the rebound after another Dodzie missed three. Dodzie having a real bad day from the 3.
3:56 - Game paused again after Cyril goes while trying to grab a rebound in the CEPS D.
- 75-69 TY.
3:35 - Ty now not rushing he game, trying to run down the clock with extra passes, but CEPS pressurises as an Agbe turnover leads to a fastbreak but TY rcover quickly to stop any basket.
- Enoch rebounds the ball, throws the javeline to Eben on the break who goes to the hoop while drawing hard contact from Robinson but missed the lay up.
-Noticed a couple of CEPS supporters protesting about the timer, saying it was running when it was supposd to be stop. Officials deal with the issue and the game goes on.
-2:50 - A more physical game being played right now as CEPS starts to sense extreme danger.
- A picture perfect reverse lay up by Eben through the CEPS defense.
1:59 - Eben Again!
- TY bench starts celebrating!!!
1:24 - Enoch rises high for the in your face dunk over Kwame but missed.
-TY still running time with their possesion.
1:04 - CEPS time out. 81 - 71 TY lead.
-TY ball, still wasting time.
0:47: CEPS players' facial expressions shows it all, realizing a pending defeat.
- Brimah fouls Amare hard, side ball.
0:25 - McMartey blocks Borsah again on the three point line.
0:21 - Thunder two handed dunk on Enoch by Saddiq. and 1.
0:007 - Dodzie knocks down hi third 3 pointer of the game with as the buzzer went off.
81 - 75 - TY wins!!!
-Fans troop on court....

some stats you might want to know...
Dodzie was 3 of 16 from 3 point - 17%
Eben 5 of 7, with 5 in a roll, a Thome Cabalan finals record that will be hard to beat.
Cyril 9 of 17 from 2 point - 53%
I actually lost count of the points made in the paint by both teams, game was running too fast.
McMartey led the game with 4 blocks.
For everybody who missed the game, I have 5 words for should have been there!!!

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  1. that was the game that shocked everyone ok but big ups to Tema Youth,that was a very good fight n thanks be to God that we won

  2. hahahaha the fight of the brothers.i love u enoch,eben and richard.sorry big bro that u lost.dont worry ive gt a better gift for you for u guys lots and miss u lots 2.reboundgh this is a good commentary dominated by the BORSAH'S.Wish i was there to watch.will save this.big ups rubber man,from raymond borsah

  3. Mehn this is great.Mehn wasn't there but damn .You've out done your self.It seems that nothing could have been better than being there,butreading about it comes mighty close.This is a great job.Can't wait for the next time these two teams meet

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