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Lebanon House - Yes, the Accra L has been postponed again, thanks to nobody. After fans thought the long wait was over, their worst nightmare came to pass again.

The problems in the L as we all know,knows no boundaries. Certainly, this is one that needs urgent fixing in my opinion.

Referees did not show up on opening day of the 2011 GABL.

In a phone convo with Mr. Gasu, he said this was in protest for a couple of issues that they wanted the L's execs to fix before they'll commence officiating this year's L. "First of all we did this in support of a fellow ref" he said siting the Anani, Dougy incident that happened last season after the CEPS-Hoops game at the prisons' court. According to the decision taken by the disciplinary committee, Dougy was supposed to serve a ban as well as pay for the medical bills of Mr. Anani. The problem is, so far he has not fulfilled the latter part of the committees decision. An action that prompted Mr. Anani to personally opt out of officiating this year's L.

The other reasons being more technical, were related to the game involved schedule and local rules. The refs complain of receiving the schedule for this year's league just this past Monday, 7th March, a date they said was too close to the start of the L. The refs also complain of the non-attachment of the local rules to the schedule, and that they wish for it to be available before they can go on to officiate.

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  1. eeii this pple make them reason up ooo!! mtchewww! thanks for the info.

  2. Streets is watchingMarch 10, 2011 at 5:15 PM

    first,ref protest,then coaches then players...then maybe some common ground and sensibility,or maybe no league at all.Can't wait

  3. Men you guys have some kinda lock out going on in ghana