Hoops Opt Out

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Hate them or love them; the Cape Coast Hoops were, yes! were one of the most exciting teams to ever watch in the Greater Accra Basketball League.

After about four years of being a force to reckon with in the Accra league, the management of the Cape Coast Hoops led by Claudius Thompson have decided not to register for the 2012 season which is scheduled to start on March 14 at Lebanon House. In a discussion with him, he mentioned a few reasons for their decision. 

It all boiled down to funding!

A problem that almost every team in this league has to deal with. With the league remaining amateur; with no sponsorship / reward system whatsoever ever since its been running, it's becoming continuously difficult to participate in it taking into consideration the hustle and bustle of Accra and then game schedules.

It is quite plain that CCH is not in this plight alone. But then it's always a big deal when somebody walks away somewhat from the game of basketball and especially if that person or in this case an organization was a relevant piece in the league.

Memories of the excitement this team brought are countless; dunks upon dunks, good play after good play and talent after talent was displayed for free to us every week.

Like many of the things that happen in Ghana Basketball, this is just one more reason somebody has to do their jobs right!

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  1. hmm will miss CCH but not their loud mouth Coach/manager.

  2. We understand his reason buh dat shld stp ur team frm bringing their talent.