GABBA accessed by RSDO

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Mr. Amenyo reading the report on behalf of the GABBA.

Ohene Djan Stadium, Accra - The Regional Sports Development Office(RSDO), yesterday held a meeting to access all 30 registered sports associations in the region. The various associations took turns to read out their reports to the gathering which was chaired by the C.E.O of the National Sports Council, Mr. Walonyo Agrah. The GABBA association was represented by Mr. Baafi (Chairman) and Mr. Amenyo (Vice Chairman).

This was done to collate information of how various associations did during the past six months. Heads of associations read out their achievements, failures and challenges.

Mr. Agrah pointed out in his address that the various associations should try to get marketing wings to hep them seek the aid/sponsorships of corporate bodies for their various programs,competitions and leagues. He also urged the leaders to deviate from the "normal " way of doing things and be more creative in the way they run their various associations.

Mr. Amenyo then took the floor and read out the report for the GABBA. some of the achievements mentioned were the successful completion of this year's league, the success of the Thome Cablan tourney and also international friendlies in Togo by Hoops and Tema Youth. He was then made to cut his report short and submit the written report to the RSDO due to time constraints since other associations had to also do their presentations.

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