FIBA Coaching Course Diaries

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Coaching Course Diaries
Day 4
Finally!, a diary report not posted on the next day.

Participants and instructors started trickling in with about thirty minutes to 1pm but the class started around 1:21pm with 20 participants present. The class increased to 22 as others came in later.

Class got more intensive.

First talk of the day was on symbols used to draw basketball drills/plays which was handled by Mr. Keita Kabassan. He spent about 40 minutes to go through the various symbols, their uses and importance.

He allowed a lot of class participation during his explanations and then later called students to the board to draw out diagrams of drills they had written down in an assignment he gave the day before.

Meme Falconer took the floor first and spent about 10 minutes drawing out drills he'd written down in words while he explained them to the class. After him was Seth Okine a.k.a commando of C.E.P.S basketball. He also spent time to take the class through a different set of drills he'd written down.

The class went on a short recess during which the chairman of the Greater Accra Basketball Association, Mr. Baafi showed. He indulged in a convo with Mr. Keita and Coach Lawal. He spent the rest of the afternoon with us, just observing the class.

The resumes and Mr. Keita takes us through another topic; "coaching strategies". Within a short while the kids to be used by participants for their practical work arrived. The court was then cleared and the first group of student-coaches consisting of commando(CEPS), Martin(Kumasi), Antwi(Police) and Stephen(Police) took to the floor. They took the kids through defensive sliding and passing.

Mr. Iddrisu Gamel veep of the GBBA in charge of techincal development shows up to also observe proceedings.

The whole class converged to analyse their colleagues' performance with the kids. A lot of concerns were raised and corrections were made where necessary. The second group also made up of Grace(U.E.W), Isaac(Dynasty Hoops), Feranmi(DC Dynamics) and Allon(HCH) took the kids through shooting. They spent about 15-20 minutes with the kids and the class converged again for an analysis of their work. Mr. Keita and Coach Lawal added their final remarks and the class was adjourned.

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