FIBA Coaching Course Diaries

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Coach Lawal demonstrates a drill to the class

Coaching Course Diaries
Day 3

Finally the class moved to the basketball court at the West African HQ of the Church of Latter Day Saints located at 57 Independence Avenue, North Ridge, Accra.

The day started as usual with a prayer but this time from nobody else but yours truly. About eighteen participants were present as at the start of class. A couple of guys joined today including Tema Youth coach, Emmanuel Quaye a.k.a Rubberman.

The first part of class today was a presentation by Coach Lawal on Mini Basketball. He took the class through how to handle different age groups during the Basketball teaching process. It was broken down into 6-7yrs, 8-9yrs and then 10-12yrs. Some of his main concerns were avoiding complex drills when teaching kids and also not putting kids through too much intensive physical activities as it disrupts their bodies ability to grow well at that tender age.

the class in session

Mr. Keita occasionally inserted some points during Coach Lawal's talk. He spoke of allowing kids some room during a practice even when they make mistakes and then getting close to them and correcting them instead of yelling at kids.

We hit the court for the first time for Coach Lawal to demonstrate some of the drills he made mention of. The class seemed to gain more understanding for the practical session as almost everybody took turns at the drills.

The class then took a 30-minute break during which a gift of soft drinks from an unidentified classmate was shared for refreshment.

Class resumes with another lecture on "how to organize training session" by Mr.Keita.This took about 30 minutes at the end of which he ask the class to come up with a 30-minute training session on passing. the class spent some time to discuss what they had written down then we hit the court again.

Fun, fun, fun... that's exactly what the second practical session was all about. As four course mates were made to team up as a coaching body and were given four other course mates to act as kids. The coaches were to run a training session on shooting and dribbling using the lessons they had just been taught. The course instructor just stood back and observed as they took turns to perform their responsibilities. Rubberman made the class more interesting as he acted like a kid who'd never played the game and committed a lot of errors which the coaches had to fix. Mr. Keita made it know he was quite impressed about the performance during his closing remarks. the class hurdled up and closed the day with a big TEAMWORK shout on three!
Mr. Keita places a lot of emphasis on teamwork

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