Thome Cabalan Dailies

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Day 7

Game 1 Tema Youth vs Reformers(Group A)
Both teams came into this game having the same record(2-1) and in need of a W to make it to the semi final stage. Reformers suffered the loss this time after winning this match up in the regular season. It was more evident today how much they miss the services of their veteran point guard, Agbesi, who couldn't play this tourney due to an injury in the regular season. Rasta who's filling his shoes has not been the Rasta known in the GABL. The game seemed to be a walk in the park for TY until the third quarter, when Reformers begun to get more into the game. TY started the game with all hands on deck especially on the defense, as most of the guys finished with good numbers on the boards, Enouch leading with 8 rebounds and 2 blocks before fouling out early in the fourth. Cyril Clark also ended the game with 2 blocks and 4 of 11 from the field. TY did real well defending Ojoomi, Reformers' sniper who was 6 of 8 from the three, leaving him with only 2 made 3's the entire game. Reformers begun to play a very physical game in the 3rd Q due to catch up and the quarter ended with a 58-57 TY lead. Nii Ayi was Reformers' stellar player of the day, playing almost the entire game and working really hard on all sides of the floor. Selasie was another TY who showed up even though he had limited playing time, finishing with 2 blocks. Tema Youth finally broke away playing good basketball with a couple of plays resulting in a lot of good ball rotation and easy baskets. TY goes on to the next stage with a 84-73 win.

Game 2 Turbo jets vs Reformers (W/Group A)
One of the most exciting women's matches so far. The game got exciting inthe fourth quarter when the lebanon House crowd begun to support Turbo Jets who have not been playing well for some time. Turbo won 43-41.

Game 3 Warriors vs Hoops(Group A)
Hoops are through. Warriors have been the bust of this tournament for me, finishing with a 1-3 record. But they can easily attribute that to the fact that they are missing the services of two of their best player; Ezekiel Odonkor(who's college ball in the states) and Alaha (who might be possibly busy with work). Hoops put up another exciting performance, starting with Winston's steal and fastbreak. Hoops finished the game with 6 fastbreak points. Reggie led Hoops with 8 rebounds and 2 blocks on the defense. Abdulrazak was also very active early in the game before fouling out. Hoops lost their lead in the second Q when they switched to 1 on 1 defense; most guys were losing their men. They switch back to their zone defense in what became a very physical and fast paced game in the third. Then came the excitement again, Reggie drives the lane from the left, rises for the left handed dunk, yea! and one. Hoops 59, Warriors 44.

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  1. I was thinking that this tourney since was in memory of a GREAT MAN in basketball will have brought the best from the officiting officials,but to my surprise its still the same old story.To me the teams have done very well and if u can bear me out almost the matches are very intresting,if a game will be mear then its always from my PEOPLE they are to protect the players bat no they rather choose to be seen than doing the former.I will wish that the rest of the games should be approched in a more proffesional way and the best team takes the touney with bride but nut aided or robbed by my HONOURABLE MEN as i chooes to call them.FROM Dua Sowah Daniel(Reformers coach)

  2. Thank you sir and point is very well noted. we hope the officiating in Ghana basketball improves else next season..well. lets see what happens..

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