Thome Cabalan Dailies

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Day 8

Games 1 & 2 CEPS vs Magic / Police vs Fire(Group A)
The day saw two games whose outcome could decide the faith of any of the four teams in this group. Police had the best chance though. They needed a CEPS win over Magic and also a wider margin(of at least 30) win of their own game against Fire. Panthers had a chance only if CEPS won by at least 20points and Fire are able to hold Police within a four point win(too much maths involved). Then there factors that could hinder Police' chance of making it; CEPS could decide to play soft and win by a very close margin because they are through already(with the argument of preserving energy for the semis). And it did happen, in a match that was least interesting CEPS won 68-61. No need to go to describe the game, it was a waste of time that was not worth watching as CEPS played a match way too below their abilities. Now, to Police vs Fire. This happened to be a more exciting game, as Fire who didn't stand a chance of qualification didn't want to go down without a fight. Police went to the half time with a 46 - 22 win. Fire came back and rallied to a 26 - 24 third quarter win. The game got more exciting in the fourth when both teams actively traded baskets. At the end Police prove a more determined side with a 34 point fourth quarter to win 104- 63, enough to gain them progress into the semis of this year's tourney.

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  1. coach of hoops.i will ask you respectful to count the numbers of threes,free throws and defense each player of your team has during this be frank you knew you were playing CEPS and you sat your big men down.OSOFO should be allowed to play the whole quarter,its going to get on him cuz he was showing signs of weakness in the defense,Sky walker to me and the whole crowed that was there knew he is the strongest player in your team.he plays defense both offense and defense with rebounds.we were all shocked really limited his three point play today and good of him thinking of faking and driving to the hoop.Reggie should be used massively to the teams advantage,sb doesn't play defense and its not the first time this is being said,he is offensive minded and it will kill the team has you have being losing lately.Patrick is good but sometimes loses his head in the game and abdual he plays sometimes as if he is 6 be frank i dont know the position you are playing skywalker cuz he takes rebounds.blocks.osofo same,so what are your tall men doing.they should be psych.todays match was lost on the bench and on the minds of some of the players.they gave up.good game though.hope you Win the third position.