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Day 6
An exciting Sunday of hoops... and I mean Hoops!

Game 1 Holy Family vs Tema Youth (Group A)
TY was in charge of this match until the end of the third quarter, ending the 3rd with a 28- 23 lead. Enouch Borsah started the game well with especially on the defense finish the first Q with 2 blocks. Both teams actually started very well on the D which resulted in nobody making a basket in the first 4 minutes of the game. Pianim of Holy Family's shot broke the deadlock. Then TY took over. HF actually made TY's 3 quarter lead useless with their 22 point fourth quarter rally. As Djimatey and Gemain, this time with lots of support from the rest of the cast led their team to its first win of this year's tourney. TY's Eben Borsah also had a bad day at the 3 point range, switching to mid range shot and a couple of low post plays to score after going 1 of 3 in the second Q. The tourney continued to be pne full of the unexpected as holy Family held Tema Youth to an eight point fourth quarter. Holy Family ended up with a 45-36 win.

Game 2 Reformers vs Hoops (Group A)
The game that influenced day 6's report to get a subtitle with the end... "and I mean Hoops!". CCH were back to their entertaining self after being called "hoops on water" after TY defeated them the day before. No need for a long story. It was a Hoops show after reformers won the first quarter 22-18. The only bright spot for the reformers was Ojoomi's 6 of 8(75%) made 3 pointers, the best in the tourney so far. Hoops finished what proved to be an easy game with 5 crowd pleasing dunks, starting with Reggie's dunk on the Reformers' defense. Everybody on the Hoops team seemed to be having a great day, Patrick finished the game with the game with 3 blocks, Sky Walker's 3 pointers were back after he went 0 of 6 in the TY game, Winston was just sweet to watch with his dazzling handles and alley oops. Osofo, the natural leaer of the team, was in control of his game as well and my man Abdulrazak finished with some 11 rebounds and a missed alleyed 2 handed dunk(I know I din't have to mention the missed dunk). the young talented reggie was just fun to watch, with 2:26 left to go in the second quarter, he gets a pass on the right side of the three pointer line, Ojoomi come in to defend and then... there was the crossover and drive to the basket. What makes Reggie's cross amazing is his size, at about 6'6'', he has the quickness and agility of a 6' PG. But the play of the day, and what could possibly be the play of the tourney, even though we got 5 days to go was a play that emphasized the importance of team play. With 5:35 left for the third quarter to go, Patrick caught the rebound after a missed reformers shot, throw the outlet to Osofo who alos throws the javelin pass to Winston Cole who was on the break, Cole go for what everybody thought was a missed lay up but was really an off the board alley to a trailing SB.... oooohhh! the rest can only best be told on tape... SB flies out of the build for a two handed jam!... I'll never forget this play, never!!!

Game 3 Panthers vs Magic(Group B)
Another match that made the day a wonderful day of hoops. Panthers continued their dominance over Magic, this time not as easy as in previous meetings. The Tudu based side with massive support from the home fans were on the road to their third straight win of the tourney until Panthers' team work led by their captain again won them the day. Panthers with two dramatic wins still stand a slim chance of making it to the next stage of the tournament but they will not be forgotten especially by Magic and their fans. It was another fourth quarter of heriocs by vincent which won them the day. kwame tied the game after making a freethrow at 48. Vincent stays with his drives as magic had 5 collective team fouls. he drives, gets fouled , the shot goes in, and one!. he makes the freethrow. he drives again , gets fouled and makes both freethrows. magic with a too aggressive defense fouls Vincent on the drive again, this time he makes only one of the freethrows. Only thing Panthers had to do was defend well for the few seconds left. Panthers win 54-48.

Game 4 Police vs Reformers (W/group A)
police win 67- 40. First quarter ended at a tie. 14- 14. Reformers seemed to be able to hold Police for a while because they had size in the paint to compete.
Police ladies continued to prove their authority by breaking away in the third and at a point subbing the entire set of players on the court a go.

Game 5 C.E.P.S vs Fire (Group B)
This was easy for CEPS. Cruising could be another word for the kind of game they played against a not so well organized Fire team. Leading throughout the game, everybody on the CEPS roster had their moments of brilliance on the day. With the game played at a very fast pace initially, Fire begun to slow down as they played with a short roster. CEPS played good defense throughout, starting with 1-2-2 defense and amazingly switching to 1 on 1 full court press in the dying minutes of the fourth quarter when they were still enjoying over 30 points lead.
Not much to say about the game considering that CEPS as usual stuck to just playing good old basketball with less fancy play , finishing with 91 - 46 win , the biggest margin so far in this year's tournament.

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  1. Ghana Basketball is growin. Thanks to all who playin major roles but biggest thanks to RGH and our darling yellow boys of Cape Coast Hoops. Peace