Thome Cabalan Dailies

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Day 10
Ablor wins day for Police.

Police won today's third place game against Hoops to become this year's Thome Cabalan Memorial Tournament's second runner-ups. In a difficult route that saw them lose to Magic and CEPS in the prelims and then to Tema Youth in the semi's , Ablor put the cherry on the cake for them with less than 10 seconds to go. It seemed like one of those easy games for Hoops but Police led by Ablor who had a couple of good runs in the fourth quarter nailed home the winning trey. Police 31 point quarter compared to Hoops' 24 also showed how much more effort they put in the game to the very end. Hoops won the paint game as they scored 38 points in the paint compared to Police' 26.
Reggie had a game game high 5 blocks and 6 rebounds in a game that saw him sore his already sprained ankle. Hoops good inside defense led Police to taking more outside shots throughout the game as Hoops were more active on the boards and blocks. The scoreboard read 78 - 78 with 10 secs left on the clock when Police had a chance to check the ball after it went out. The Hoops defense broke down on Emeric who is a more better shooter only for the ball to be pass to ABlo, Reggie was a second late and couldn't get a hand up to defend....the rest is history!

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