Sesu and El Alawa Will Be Missed

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Coach Sesu and El Alawa in Abidjan.

As Ghana preapares to play in her first ever game in an African men's tourney today, there's no denying that two of the members  of the team that went to the qualifiers in Abidjan will be missed. Former head coach Daniel Sesu and PG, El Alawa Tundey's contributions to the team before and during the Abidjan trip cannot be overlooked.

The two who had to leave the team under different circumstances, surely do still have some bad tastes in their mouths concerning the leadership of the GBBA.

However, though some might have questioned Sesu's methods as a coach, his ability to keep the team united, build passion and heighten morale cannot be put to the back-burner. Abilities he put on display during training camp and exhibition games before Abidjan. Team captain Abdulmutalib confessed in a chat, ''I wish coach was around, it would have just been nice''. El Alawa's speed and aggressiveness will be missed too. He's absence will create a lot of problems for Ghana at the PG spot. Cyril Bansah who will be playing a lot of the PG time is not as versatile as Tundey is but can certainly hold his ground any day, like he does when he features for Tema Youth.

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  1. i would like 2 no more about coaxh sesu, such as his full name n y he left ghana bb