Chairman: Referees to be accessed next season

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Accra - The chairman of the GABBA, Mr. Benjamin Baafi, stated at an association meeting held this past Wednesday at Lebanon House that "from next season ,all referees are going to be accessed on a regular basis". He said this has become the case because of the amount of complaint voiced out by players,coaches and fans about bad officiating during this year's 14 team league. He continued to mention during his talk that this has also prompted the association in collaboration with the GBBA to organize a referee training course to serve as a refresher course for existing referees and as an introductory course for new referees to be trained. The new referees will handle the D2 and Junior league to serve as practical training grounds for them, he also mentioned. After the season, the newly trained referees who perform well will be given the opportunity to officiate at the higher level, he added.

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  1. this is the best contribution or suggestion that would have ever happened to Ghana basket ball officiating.'THE GAME OFFICIALS MUST BE CHECK FOR A BETTER BASKET BALL OFFICIATING IN GHANA'
    long live Mr. Benjamin Baafi.

  2. I strongly believe assessing the referees will go a long way to help them step up their performance. I am also strongly advocating a rules clinic for both the referees and coaches.

  3. point well noted Mr.Gasu...especially coming from a referee..