Thome Cabalan Dailies

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Day 4

Game 1 C.E.P.S vs Panthers (Group B)
Panthers came into this game knowing there had to the "impossible" to remain in the tourney after losing their first match to Police yesterday. CEPS were also playing in their first game after the season ended almost a month ago. Panthers made their intentions known early by winning the 1st Q 13 - 10. Everybody on the CEPS team seemed to be having a bad day while the Panthers maintained their lead through to the end of the second quarter. Even Dodzie's 3's weren't dropping making him finsh the game with a mere 35%(6 of 17) from behind the arc. Feranmi kept the Panthers' composure by doing a lot of talking on the floor throughout the entire game.. Kwame Boamah was his usual self, working in the D and finishing the game with 4 blocks. Panthers go on to win the second Q too and the scoreboards read 25 - 19 at half time. CEPS came back from the half time break with a different attitude. Even though the Panthers kept their cool and and tried to minimize their mistakes, CEPS kept playing hard on both ends of the floor. CEPS reached their came within one point their closest in the game at 31 - 30. But Panthers still kept their zone D tight forcing CEPS who suffered a shooting slump earlier in the game to continue shooting rather than driving the lane. CEPS center, Richard Darko played one of the most aggressive games I have witnessed him play in a long while. He also managed 4 block and two dunks. One of the dunks was a put back jam after a team mate missed a shot on the Panthers' defense. CEPS then take their first lead of the game. Panthers quickly called a time out with scores at 43-37 in CEPS' favor. The fourth quarter was a cruise for CEPS as they easily widened their lead. It was Kpakpo Thompson' 3 pointer after Kwame Boamah kissed the rim in a dunk attempt that got the CEPS O going. Thompson was 2 of 3 from 3 point range and played some good defense in the few minutes he played in the 4th Q.

Game 2 Magic vs Police (Group B)
It seems the excitement of the tournament increases with each passing day. In what could be the most exciting match of this year's tournament, Magic pulled a shocker with their win over Police. Tsatsu and Theophilus were the Magic's nerves in the first quarter. Tsatsu finished the first with an impressive 6p points , 4 rebounds and a block while Theophilus had 4 blocks ans was a monster on the boards. Magic broke away early taking a 9 point lead by the end of the first Q. Police then fields Dickson and Zaaku, thier best players who had been on the bench in the first quarter. As was expected their production level increased and they managed a 17-17 tie at the end of the second. Magic lost composure a little bit in the third, committing several turnovers and Police took advantage of it to win the quarter. It was Tsatsu's block of Emeric's reverse layup in the last second of the third quarter that got Magic back into the game. And yet, the real stories of the day were lived in the fourth quarter. Magic captain, Ivan sakyiamah led his team to quickly recover from their 2 point deficit. He drove the lane, made the shot, drew the foul and made the free throw. Police then calls a time out and switched to their one on one defense that ensured their win against Panthers yesterday. Magic still survived, Theophilus got his 6th block of the day after blocking a Dickson lay up. Benjamin Sowah was also his usual self, playing various vital roles and dropping some important shots throughout the game. There were about 6 lead exchanges with 4 minutes left on the clock. The fans at Lebanon House were at the wildest you could expect as they edged on the Tudu based Magic. There was a scramble for the ball around the Magic basket after a missed shot, Dickson jumps out of the building, whips the ball from whoever was having it and sent home a two handed slam on the entire Magic defense. But it was Magic's front court who won the game for them with all the fight they had to go through the entire game. With the game tied at 37 and with about 20 second to go, Ivan drives the lane again but this time was fouled hard by the Police defense. He goes to the charity stripe and knocks down both wit the home crowd cheering him on. Magic wins by two. What a game?!
Magic no.7, Tsatsu goes up to block Dickson's shot

Game 3 C.E.P.S vs Holy Family (W/Group B)
Holy Family absent... automatic win for C.E.P.S ladies.

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  1. CEPS look sooo beatable from the readin.....hahah Emeric, getting a taste of some of ur medicine...