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- Yotives came into the game knowing that they had to win. They had lost 6 out
of their last seven games played and are on the brink of possible relegation to the second division come next season. Warriors also were coming from a one game win after previously loosing closely to TY in the "best match of the season so far". Yotive started out strong getting buckets early in the first quarter. Most of the damage caused by Yotive was a result of Richmond's sharp shooting on the day. He hit 4 treys in the game, two of those in the first minute of the first quarter. Warriors' Ezekiel Odonkor showed up late and couldn't be in the starting five. He came in wit about 5:30 left on the clock and made Warriors' first 12 points getting to the end of the first and at the beginning of the second. But Yotive still managed to take the first 9 - 12.

The results of the first quarter caused the already talkative coach of Warriors, Abeiku Solomon to become more animated. He just couldn't sit down. He yelled out instructions to his team all day Yotive lacked a good bench and they suffered for it from the second quarter on. They just couldn't match Warriors strength and aggressiveness. Paul Eta was himself all day for Warriors. he played very tough on the defense grabbing a good number of boards for his team. Ezekiel and Varranda also played their usual stepping up when their team needed them most. It was now a no show for Yotives as the third started, they were unable to match the Warriors no matter what they did. it was a 63 - 39 blow out by the end of the day.

Are Warriors now ready to face Tema Youth? ....many questions could be asked about both sides before that crucial encounter ensues.

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