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PRISONS COURT,CANTONMENTS - Ghana Prisons Service Basketball team (Reformers), today regained confidence after loosing a game to hoops last Saturday to Hoops at Lebanon House. Reformers played against a not-so-well-organized Fire team which had most its vital players either showing up late or not showing up at all for the game. Reformers were on fire from the on set of the game, taking a quick 10 - 2 lead at the end of the first quarter.
The home team just stuck to basic basketball, playing very good defense resulting in a several fast break advantages throughout the game.
Fire on the other hand was trying to use their big guys, Efe and Dela get to them high percentage buckets in the paint but it didn't work so well as Reformers were very eager on their team box outs and rebounding.
Getting to the end of the game, it was clear experience and team play had won Reformers the day. Fire played too much of an individual game and failed to swing the ball around in most cases.Fire is now on a two game loosing streak and should be quite careful sine they still have a couple of tough matches to play before the season ends.

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