Of Rains and the Accra Basketball League

10:17 AM Theophilus Mensah 0 Comments

Three games were scheduled to be played last Saturday in the Accra league. Players, game officials and a few fans started gathering for the games. The women's game between Braves and Reformers started amidst cloudy skies and occasional droplets of rain. Almost everybody present hoped and prayed it would not rain. The game went to almost half way through the second quarter when the rains let loose and the game had to be ended.
Wet Lebanon House court on Saturday
Anyone who has followed the Accra league for even a few years can testify to the fact rains plague the league's schedule every year. This causes an overly unnecessary extension of the span of the league which is an inconvenience for players most of whom who are students and/or workers.

While it rained coaches, officials, players and a few fans took shelter in the porches of the office building of the Lebanon Society in the compound. Many conversations went on about all the inefficiencies and lack of development of the league and basketball in Ghana as a whole. I have heard and taken part in many a discussion on the same topic that sometimes I think we all talk too  much; almost everybody present had a complain or solution to our many problems.

However, with a careful look at the particular situation, one realizes that the problem is one that can be solved if the league is scheduled properly. To schedule an outdoor league for the rainy season is to only plan for one's own doom. There will be many days without rain but the very few ones that will be disrupted by rain, like this past Saturday proves costly for all of us involved especially players; most of whom do not benefit financially for being a part of this league.

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