The Time Is Right

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The boys made it. From the concrete to the hardwood and made a name for themselves and mother Ghana. They went, they saw, they conquered. They got the wild card from FIBA Africa and are going to Maputo in August.

We can go all day and shower praises and accolades for the great work done by everybody involved in the preparation process; from the players themselves, through to coaches and administrators. But what does this really mean for Ghana Basketball?

Is this going to be a/the turning point for Ghana Basketball? If it is going to be, then a lot of things will have change around us. The national association needs to be better structured. Yes, of course they've organized and ran two coaching courses in the past three years for youth coaches and have in recent times taken a women's senior team through zone 3 qualifiers and to Mali for the AfroBasket women's tourney held in 2011. The above events and the current U18 side's exploits are good things that have been done; but we need to get better and aim at being great at what we do.

But for instance, has the association done any checks on how those youth coaches and their programs (for those who run programs) are doing? Have they provided any help in any form? Be it in equipments or even in keeping those coaches motivated with just visits to their programs?
It might seem that we have  long ay to go but WE can do it!

We can do it. We need to strive for better and look to work together more. Let's forget about differences. We normally like to skip this topic but it's one of the biggest blockades to the development of Ghana Basketball. Sometimes, maybe not sometimes, but all times, we need to work together for the greater good. Let's avoid the personal issues and hold Ghana Basketball in higher respect. We need to realize NOBODY can achieve more than EVERYBODY in this sport we all love.

Majority of the responsibility lies on the national association though. The leadership the association will have to continue to work harder at putting their house in order. To the extent that, the association can be smoothly run by well thought out and laid down charter and a long term development program.

Like the legendary world famous Ghanaian band Osibisa put it in one of their songs, THE TIME IS RIGHT!!

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