Stomp the Yard Rocked!

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Stomp the Yard Rocked!
...but slam dunk and 3 point didn't do it for me
Prisons court, Cantonments - What more can I say about this year's STY, it got a couple of guys dropping facebook statuses about how fun and competitive it was. Coach of DC Dynamics and a player of the Premier Panthers,Feranmi M. Olunlonyo wrote on facebook page; "Stomp the yard was a great success. Some of the most entertaining basketball ever was played yesterday".

The day was a success, period!

10 male teams, 6 female teams, Rodney / Falconer on the mic, an involving crowd, and the Prisons court was a surprisingly good location.

Almost every game had something for the fans to cheer about. Whether it was Big Time's blocks on Amuzu and the Magic team, the Attefuah brothers' antiques, the always interesting match up of Rahinatu(Police) and Georgina(CEPS), the high flying Tema Youth team, the surprise Yotives team or the suprprise exit of defending champs, Hoops after losing to Yotive.

Magic Ladies took the 1st place in the women's competition after beating Liberty Ladies in the finals match which saw georgina Ntow win the match up between her and Rahi this time. D'elite ladies took the third position after aalso beating the Freedom Ladies in the 3rd place match. Women's MVP was Becky Sadat of Magic who plays for CEPS Ladies during the WGABL.

The men's final match did it for me, for all those who left before it was played, trust me, u missed a lot! A game that saw a little bit of a resurgence of the Meme everyone knows. "I now understand why he's known as Mista basketball", one fan said after the game. After starting the game on the bench for the Dream Team, falconer came in the second half and drew some boos from the crowd after throwing an air ball on a 3 point attempt on his first possession but still managed to created a world of difference. He returned on the possession only to drop a nothing-but-net three probably just to prove point. The killer move that was probably the play of the day came after Meme got the ball on the left wing, faked the shot, found a way to go through the thick Yotives defense and throw down a two handed slam on the defense.

The game saw a lot of hustle and eventually went into over time at a 16-16 tie. Then Yotives showed why they were the surprise packeage for this tourney, making use of the Dream Team's basic defensive errors. A couple of easy uncontested lay ups and shots saw the demise of the rather entertaining Dream Team. 25-23, final score as Yotives smiled to the bank!

The 3 point and the slam dunk competition weren't the best of competitions. None of them lived to the high expectation after last year's brilliant performance from SB and Eben Borsah. SB was really missed! Defending champ of the 3 point competition, Eben Borsah also lost to Randy Okine of Kingdom Hoops.

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  1. Hey guys i see the tittle stomp the yard rocked but when i read it its like am reading Memes journal.............come on guys Meme trying to be the hero of the day was a major reason why they lost and pls give some props to The MVP Kwame,.....Djimatey, Kofi, Dokosi Vince, Emre and all the other guys who diplays nothing but excellent skills

  2. OOww!!! HAATERZ !! The man show level and you still de hate! He shoots, bounces well, pass correct and DUNKZ LIKE HE PSYCHO....Wha mo ye want ? His traffic jam in the final game was better than any of the dunkz in the dunk kontest. Den me saf I de feel say Gh dey hype am too moch but I change my brain for there! he be Mr. Basketball ampa !!! Mimi, GH salutes you..... HEEEEH !

  3. I totaly agree his dunk was the play of the tournament but can u tell me how many turnovers he caused in the final? am no hater of meme i just want u to acknowledge that its not always about you Meme is a big talent on any day but he can't do it all by himself
    Don't get carried away my brother its the end that justifies the means

  4. A single dunk, tha play of a whole tournmnt?!! he had two turn overs of which one was a dubious call by tha short stump ref. but did u see how many time he went to the line?5times and missed 3 shots thats 7 for 10. did u see his hustle plays? he dived twice for one possession on tha concrete prisons court.i was sitting with ferami when it happened he fell off his seat in shock! nobody does it by themselves, its a team game. but he still the reason why people still watch basketball in ghana.