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Rebound Ghana Head Quarters - It's the dawn of a new era of basketball in Ghana. Where for the first time in several years, the media is regaining interset in the sport, arguably spearheaded by RGH. The information being reeled out daily I believe is just a fraction of what is going on out there on the street corner where some youngsters are participating in a 3 on3 game.

So therefore it makes enough sense to add worth to the already very scanty RGH staff. Enter the "guest bloggers" section of the website, and alas we here have gotten our first guest blogger. A young basketball fanatic, who's knowledgaeble about the sport in its entirety . From playing, to coaching, to administration ... and is still in the learning process, will be hitting us with his thoughts as often as they hit him. Watch out! as the subjects of his articles can be on any aspect of the basketball industry(and yes, I said industry. I smell one very soon). As the name of the blog implies, expect nothing but the truth as this writer knows the Ghanaian basketball terrain quite well .... Without much a do, I present to you ReboundGH's first ever quest blogger ever and his blog...

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  1. wats going on up here?