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Lebanon House, Tudu - After a tough 12 weeks of GABL,Tema Youth showed up late for their last match of the season; meaning a walk over for and automatic 2 points for Hoops. Also meaning TY goes to D2 according to the rules of the GABL. Many issues have come up over the weekend concerning the "walk over means relegation to D2 rule". Not to talk of the Warriors , Holy family match which also had its own mishaps.
Rubberman will need to work hard for his team to remain in the top division as other teams may oppose

But amidst all the mayhem, TY coach, Emmanuel Quaye a.k.a rubberman told RGH today he's not much worried about his team going to D2 but has also filed a protest to the GABL on behalf of his team for them to remain in the top division basing their argument on the fact that thy were only 2 minutes(that's after the original 15min allowance) late (which was as a result of a breakdown of their vehicle) and moreover the opposing team even accepted to play the match but the officials did not allow the match to go on.

There so many unanswered questions, but keep track of all unfolding stories this off season with Ghana's no. 1 source of Basketball information.

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  1. Hey guys when are u posting week 13 results? I know rubberman has filed a protest but until that changes anything u have to keep us posted.
    Who is the MVP? I don't see any names.......I hope Hashim of CEPS gets it cos he deserves every bit of it

  2. his doesnt make sense to me. If they are two minutes late please be considerate. Or get them a vehicle that will transport them To and From any games.This guys are doing everything for the love of the game u better know that. Are you promoting or killing the game.