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Rebound Head Quarters, Accra - Cape Coast Hoops will leave Accra 6am tomorrow to play the Togolese national team in a friendly encounter.

Talking to RGH in a telephone interview, Claudius Thompson (manager of hoops) said they will be taking a 1
4 man contingent made of 11 players and 3 officials. The match is scheduled to take off at 4pm in the newly built indoor facility in the capital, Lome. The Togolese are using this match as a test of their team in preparation for the FIBA Africa Zone III qualifiers to scheduled to start on the 6th of August.

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  1. I REALLY LOVE WANT THE CAPE COAST BASED TEAM ARE DOING,THEY ARE REALLY GIVING THE PLAYERS A CHANCE TO SEE WANT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT OF GHANA AND TO BE FRANK,CEPS AND HOOPS DONT HAVE A TEAM TO MATCH THEM.i dont really get the idea of the greater accra basketball league is even going on.after the league what is next .nothing.we are not even able to bring up a team to go for the qualifies as the other western countreis are doing.what a shame.cape coast hoops you really did well.thumps up.and gbba i really dont see what the executives and workers they do.bull shit.former yotive player in TOGO NATIONAL TEAM

  2. The Togolese basketball federation is reportedly bringing in five foreign-based players for evaluations.
    Togo's national-team is currently preparing for the zonal qualifiers to the 2011 African Championships, which will be hosted by the country this summer in August.
    Two players are currently in the US, two in France and one in Senegal, but it has to be seen if the federation can come up with tickets for them as it's the first time the small country is trying to beef up their squad with Diaspora.......AND WITH ALL THIS CAPE COAST BASED TEAM HOOPS GAVE THEM A TREAT OF THE PROWESS.I HEARD WHAT THE HOOPS GUYS DID AND I BELIEVE IF THE NATIONAL TEAM OF GHANA IS GIVEN THE CHANCE MEDALS WILL BE FLOWING IN THE COUNTRY.SO WHAT THE FUCK IS THE GBBA DOING AT ALL

  3. this are the awards being giving to some of the national team of TOGO.what do we have,awards apart from ceps and cape coast hoops winning tournament and medals,nufin.hey ghana
    Chicago H.S. Thanksgiving Tournament MVP -04
    NJCAA First team All-Conference and First team All-Region -07
    WVIAC Regular Season Champion -07
    WVIAC Tournament Finalist -07
    NCAA tournment All east regon team -08
    Two time WVIAC player of the week -08
    All-Eurobasket Summer League in Chicago 2nd Team -08
    WVIAC Regular Season Runner-Up -08
    WVIAC Tournament Winner -08
    WVIAC All-Tournament Team -08
    All-WVIAC Honorable Mention -08
    Voted by Asia basket as the best import player -09
    Won the league championship -09
    Palestinian PBBA West Bank Group Champion -09
    Palestinian PBBA Champion -09 (MVP)
    Palestine PBBA Cup Champion -10
    Voted by asia basket as the best guard-10
    Arab Club Championships -10
    Arab Cub Championships: 14.0ppg, 6.1apg, 4.0rpg-10

  4. apart from CEPS wining like years of the greater accra league there is nufin to show they have the might to go ahead cuz they cant even represnt ghana in the african qualifies,you need to mix up the players with other teams players in the league like hopes who also cling 2nd in the greater accra basketball league for the second year running and also Hoops claim D'Elite Championship Crown - Dec 27, 2009 (by Eurobasket News) .

    lets have the national team cuz the more you wait in vein the older this great players from this team grow.think about it

  5. ok anonymous guys, next time lets atleast put our first name, its not a crime to air your opinions but atlest those who want to reply need to address you directly...will love to add one or two of wat i think...CEPS to date is the greatest team in Ghana. until all teams can step up and b competitive it remain so...they have represented i do not know how many times but I believe they can not do more than what they can if things are not in place. we play here with no shot time, that was a big problem in togo as we held on to the ball forgetting about shot clock which lead to turnovers...petite things which is necessary for the game has to be put in place. players here individually here lack the basic basketball IQ....many players including some of ours do not even know the baisc rotation for a 2-3 defense...i learnt that in Togo during the offseason the federation bring in foreign coaches for a national basketball camp for all players....that helps a lot and if we can get such happening here will greatly improve players IQ in the game. facilities such as indoor is really needed....GH is way above T so why or how can they get a semi indoor before GH...that need to be taken care of....many atimes we play under hot sun which takes away players input...i believe strongly ...now do we have to sit and wait for the government to do these things for us? how many basketballers are there...can we come together and start to make contributions towards the building of a semi indoor at lebanon house, can we organize activities to raise funds for this purpose? i strongly believe this can be done if all hands get on deck...its long overdue.

    now the style of play in Togo is impressive as they allow more contacts to go without whistle...we were physically dismantle at certain time in the games as the boys are not use to the physical beatup due to the nature of game we play here....officials callin at every little contact is making players lazy....lets copy the french style of play...that is more contact without whistle....

    now i see a long list of so call Togo awards....is this verify....how can Togo be a Palestianin champ...(shaking head) can the writer please be more specific....

    talkin of players overseas...GH has a wealth of those....names like Pops, Alhaji, nazee and the score of others including about four of our boys in college....GH can bring up a team that can take on any national team....GH is gettin there and the time is now...

    We at cape coast hoops will continue to contribute towards the development of basketball in the sub region....Long like GH basketball, long live the people of GH and Africa...Peace