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Prisons court, Cantonments - Its been a decade of total dominance for C.E.P.S. They won their 10th straight GABL title after once again keeping a 100% record throughout the season. They beat C.Y.O in what seemed to be a too easy game for them on Wednesday. The game so interesting with C.E.P.S' center and the tallest player in the league, Richard Darko at 6'10" knocking down a trey in the third quarter.

Many people might be tired of C.E.P.S always emerging as winners for all these years. But apart from Hoops and Yotive(2008 squad) who have tried in the past two seasons to beat them not many teams have proven worthy opponents. Many questions still go round unanswered among fans of the game in Ghana. When is CEPS going to loose, to who , where, how?.... But so far as there are no answers like it or hate it, they're still the champs.

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  1. come on guys what kindda league we have in Ghana. You want to tell me there is no team that beat CEPS. Please go work hard and beat them.