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CANTONMENTS - Last Saturday, the Panthers scored 55 against Fire's 29 en route to ending their 5 game loosing streak. The Panthers have struggled this season playing without a coach and most often playing games with less than the 12 required players. Anyone who follows the L can attest to the fact that the panthers this season are just a shadow of their real selves. They were among the elite clubs in the L but it is very certain there are many things going wrong in the team. Watch out for little feature on the Panthers soon.

Their victory over Fire was a much needed one. The whole team worked their butts off for the win. Kevin Ankrah was very phenomenal for his team on the offense with 4 blocks on the day. Their back court also fought had on the fast breaks and knocked down a couple of treys to ensure a confident lead.

Fire service on the other hand played with a very short roster with most of their vital players ether showing up late or not showing up at all. They had a bad day at work, and that's even to modest in explaining how they played. Nothing seemed to be working for them.

It was obvious the panthers were in to have fun as they joked and engaged in light hearted conversations all game long.....They fought hard, enjoyed the game and took home the much needed 2 points...

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