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words and photos by Theophilus Mensah
WITH both teams having won their first 4 games of the season and being separated on the the league table by point difference, it was
hard to predict the outcome of the match because both teams have players that can kill from range or finish strong at the hoop.
Ezekiel set things off for the warriors hitting his first field goal attempt from behind the arc. Hoops struggled to take the first quarter by a 2 points end at 17-19. Both teams made good use of their big men who really played their roles well. Pajero some good ball for the warriors, taking a lot of high percentage shots. Reggie also helped hoops a lot with his Hakeem Olajuwon-like post play, making use of the world famous dream shake most of the time to outwit his marker. Hoops' starting point guard for me won the point guard battle on the day. He made good use of his speed and quickness to take a couple shots and also dish out a couple of dimes.

Hoops was sought of having a jolly ride until the 4th quarter. Warriors were in foul trouble with 3 of their starters on the bench having fouled out. But then the warriors never gave up the fight easily. Their subs really did some great work scoring 23 points in the fourth compared to the hoops' 13. Ezekiel also put up a good game towards the end of the fourth hitting a couple of treys. But in a way, he killed his team. He made a couple of bad shot choices instead of taking the ball the hoop to draw fouls and go to the charity stripe.

As much effort as the warriors put in in the 4th, it just wasn't enough to overcome the harm Hoops had caused in the first 3. 90-91 in favour of hoops was the score line for the day. So far the most exciting match....let's see what happens next in the GABL...

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