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WORDS Theophilus Mensah PHOTOS Ellis Lamptey
Everybody who follows the Accra league knows why CEPS are always on top. They don't mess with their training sessions and the playing body is very well motivated to their thing.I arrived late at Lebanon house last Wednesday to cover the CEPS Police match; one of the most anticipated match ups in the L by all standards. The score board read 10 - 0 in favor of Police, a very surprising one to see anyway.Even though CEPS are not gods such a bad start for them has not been seen in the recent past.

To put it simple, the match up was a thriller.The score line at the end of the first quarter was Police 18 CEPS 11.Dickson and Zaaku played appreciable ball for the Police team with much needed help from their team mates . They both hit a couple of threes from behind the arc and also also took to the floor for some in bound to pointers some resulting in and 1s.

But the CEPS regrouped quickly and tied the game at 23 with a 12-5 run early in the second quarter.They played some tight D resulting in a couple of fast breaks well executed by their guards especially Nii Kwartey and Dodzie. Their front court also went wild on the rebounds not allowing any offensive rebounds for Police on the CEPS side of the floor. CEPS centers also brought a lot of help with their shot altering and blocking skills.With CEPS leading by 2 points at the end of the second quarter, tensions and tempers started rising as the Police coach started complaining of bad officiating.(which once again raises concern about the efficiency of our official....are they well trained to handle the league?)
Then came the third quarter, full of defense and a lot of rough play on both sides of the floor. This quarter was basically enjoyed by fans who enjoy a lot of good D. Both teams played amazing man on man defense resulting in a very low scoring quarter(7-4 in favor of Police).

The fourth quarter came with all its requirements of endurance, experience, will power to win and tactical ability of coaches.This was when CEPS was forced to show their entire repertoire. They scored a whooping 42 points in the quarter.The entire team upped the game and the virtually blew past Police as most of Police's good players were exhausted or in foul trouble.Dodzie rained a couple of threes, Nii went on the fast breaks, Brimah played tough dishing out assists, the big guys went for in bound plays and high percentage shots. But as much as Dickson ,Zaaku and their supporting cast played hard they could not catch up with CEPS. The game ended with Police having a 34 point deficit to cover.Police played very good defense especially by holding CEPS to 77, a good 22.5 below CEPS' scoring average of 99.5.

Even though CEPS won this game, everyone will expect them to go back to the clipboard and regroup to avoid any of such threats in the future if they want to remain unbeaten. With the league also getting more interesting and with teams developing they should watch out for more of such upsets.


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