Report: TY Togo Trip

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Report: Tema Youth Togo Trip
Competition: Togo Top 4 + 2 foreign invited teams
: 10 minutes running time , 4 quarters

: Swallows home court,Lome, Togo

: Swallows, Racing, Modele, Fighters, Tema Youth and Renaissance(Benin)


Game 1

Tema Youth vs. Swallows

-Game starts around 3pm.
-Starts with TY going to their pick and pop after winning the tip but Swallows easily contain the movements with good 1 on 1 defense.

-First basket by Eben Borsah after a round of good ball rotation ends up right under the hoop.

-Game quite quiet; both teams looking to avoid lots of mistakes.
-Fishy officiating, guess we are not the only ones complaining in Ghana.

-Swallows cann't seem to handle TY's tight 2-3 zone because they lacked good shooters.

-Enoch sticks a lay up off the board but refs call goal tending.

-Tema Youth working real hard on the boards for the rebounds, resulting in a couple of fast break chances.

-Quiet quarter ends 11-10 for TY.
-Swallows PG, Cheche very quick with the ball just like all French guards .

-Swallows come into the 2nd Q with more penetration through the zone for the easy two or a pop out for the trey or long two.

-TY somehow loses concentration for a while on defense causing a lot of easy two's for Swallows.

-Most of the easy two's coming off Cheche's assists.

-With Mc Martey, Enoch and Selasie , TY is out jumping Swallows for all rebounds.
-Eben's trey ends the half, his first made after 3 attempts.
-22-17 still for TY.

-Third quarter starts with TY switching offense and playing around with picks for Eben to get the open three point.

-TY recovers and keeps a better composure even with more pressure by Swallows who are trying their best to catch up.

-Swallows put Penero in to boost their effeiciancy from behind the arc. It pays of as his 3point shot ends the third

-Swallows first lead at the end of a Q, 37-36.

-Mc Martey seeming out of place, not having the best of games especially offensively but still works hard on defense,
-Still more fishy officiating as Enoch gets 5 fouls earl in the fourth amidst protest and emotions.
-Rubberman talks to his team to maintain discipline and not disrespect refs.

-Agbee also quite disappointing in the fourth with too many turnovers as result of over handling the ball.

-Swallows vet player no.9, Ola leads his team to victory with composed thoughtfully executed moves especially under the hoop. 58-50 for swallows.

Game 2
Tema Youth vs. Modele.

-TY's second match for the day starting after about an hour after the first.
-TY needs to win this one to stay in the competition.

-Eben misses first attempt at a shot by recovers quickly and blocks Modele's PG to make up for his mistake.

-Modele seems to be a more athletic side, equally jumping for rebounds.

-After the first game, they now know Eben is a 3 point shooter, so they try to keep him away but he still does well to beat his man and take a couple of two's at the elbow.

-Game is very uptempo, especially when Sam 1 plays point for TY.

-TY still plays good defense leading to more fast breaks.

-Game becoming more of a three point practice, everybody on both sides trying to make threes.

-So Eben also goes in for one of those and is fouled, goes to the line and makes all three.
-Mubarak's misses trey attempt to end the half.

-26-20 for TY.
-Modele seems not to have a go to man, nobody has any special game.

-Rubberman plays both Agbee and Sam 1 on the back court, seems to be working well because both are very helpful with or without the ball.

-Officiating still very questionable, TY getting frustrated, especially Enoch with too many flimsy fouls being called on him.

-Match still remains more of a three point practice, both teams attempting too may threes.
-Enoch with 4 fouls, Rubber sits him.

-Mc Martey drives baseline, is fouled but no call.

-Modele taking advantage of TY's frustration and running the game.

-TY now losing concentration again especially on defense; too many easy shot for Modele.

-Selasie out with 5 fouls(all questionable calls) after helping TY on the boards.
-Third Q ends36-35 still for TY.
-Frustration galore for TY, Enoch on the bench limiting TY's offensive abilities.

-TY really missing services of Cyril Clarke who couldn't make it because of some family issues.

-Modele exploiting TY frustration to their advantage.

-Enoch comes in but gets his fifth within a short while and is out, Eben also with 5. -Enoch exhibits much emotion again but to no avail.
-Final 51-41 for Modele.

-TY out of the tourney.
But everybody around; players an coaches alike couldn't help but recognize TY as a very good team.

THIRD GAME (friendly)

Sunday morning against Renaissance of Benin who have also be eliminated from the tourney.
This was a game where TY suffered at the start, but caught up and gave up the last minute shot which changed the story again. Renaissance had a similar type of game as Modele and Swallows but had a couple of more athletic guys who could really jump. 36-35 win for Renaissance who were saved by their first quarter performance.

: French teams always have good fast point guards to help break opponent's defense down and then drop or pop out the ball to a their players for easy uncontested shots. They also seem to pay less attention to training their big men , who are mostly inefficient in the post.

: Good tourney but TY could have done way better if not for shitty officiating.

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  1. Bigups to Tema -Youth & Rebound Gh. With more exposure, i am sure Ghanaian Teams will be making waves in continental club basketball.

  2. Let's stop making excuses about officiating.TY played well by the report I've read.We should learn to stop making excuses and win our games regardless of how biased the officiating.Great Job all the same...

  3. These are not excuses... u shd have been there to witness

  4. Good Game ma Boyz but i think TY should persevere in times like this rather than complaining
    Some players in TY should be tout how to compose themselves during games and with the type of game they have, they will soon be the best team in GH.

  5. i can testify to the report of rgh about the bad officiating because some of us have been victims of that before,but more importantly i think it is a great exposure for TY because its about time such games are being organized for the league teams to show our strength.i don't think other African countries have the flair and love for the game than we do its just unfair about how the game is being treated here........