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Rebound headquarters - As the basketball fanatic I have been since my teenage days, am constantly on the look out for information about the game. On one of such quest for knowledge tours, I bumped into an article on http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/artikel.php?ID=11575" and it read:

The Greater-Accra Basketball Association has planned to build a basketball court at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, in Accra, so says the Greater Accra Basketball Chairman, Mr. P.D. Vanderpuye-Orgle.

Chairman Vanderpuye-Orgle also said equipment for the court is ready, "we are only waiting for the masonry work."

The chairman intimated that the Circle Court will be so central and funds for its construction would be provided by Tropic Oil Limited.

The father of Ghana basketball, Mathias Ocloo who is also secretary of the Greater Accra Basketball, thanked the Lebanese Community for providing and maintaining the Lebanon Club to whip up interest in the game.

He said his association intends to fund the renovation of Flames and Prisons Courts in order to keep the game going.

In another development, Mr. Vanderpuye-Orgle has called on individuals and organisations to help sponsor basketball games in Ghana.

Apart from the Lebanese Community and Latex Foam who sponsor the game, "basketball as a game is virtually shunned, Mr. Vanderpuye-Orgle said.

The Greater Accra Basketball Chairman commended the referees handling the game and appealed to them to appreciate the very little allowance being given to them.

He believes that in the not too-distant future when sponsorship is secured and more courts opened, basketball will occupy its rightful place in Ghana sports.

Back then I couldn't do much but just read and shake my head as I knew this had never been done. But today I find myself in a position where I can ask questions. So I decided to talk to a new found friend in the basketball-popularization-business about some issues of the game in Ghana. Why Isaac Robert Kwapong Jnr? a.k.a coach dynasty...because he runs Dynasty Hoops and once partnered the Ghana Basketball Association to put together a business plan to help develop the game...let's just leave it hear for the real convo...just watch this space.

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